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Rehabilitation Hinckley, IL

A smart choice for your loved one is choosing Prairie Crossing Living & Rehabilitation Center for Rehabilitation. Hinckley, IL residents can benefit from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and other services that we provide. Working with you and your loved one is the approach we take at Prairie Crossing Living & Rehabilitation Center to make recovery happen as quickly as possible, with a recovery that will last. All of our therapists are certified. The cases they are able to handle range from the simplest cases to the most difficult. All of our therapists have received advanced training. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are just a few of the areas where our experts have extensive training. Meeting all of your needs is our goal at Prairie Crossing Living & Rehabilitation Center when it comes to your loved one’s Rehabilitation.

Hinckley, IL residents have the goal of having your loved one regain the skills and abilities they previously had so they can enjoy all of the activities they used to enjoy. We want to help them return home as soon as possible so that will be a reality.

You and your loved one should be able to count on caring and qualified experts for Rehabilitation. Hinckley, residents should contact us today at (815) 824-2194 or Send Us An Email. Let’s discuss how we can serve your needs for Rehabilitation.